Alibaba kicks off 2019 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. Focus on “new consumption,” “new business” & “green action”. The importance of livestreaming and cross-border e-commerce


Experts argued that Alibaba’s Singles Day 2019 will be the cross-border e-commerce edition. According to data international brands occupied the top 10 Double 11 Pre-sale in TMall and the rankings didn’t change that much.

By the way, it is not hard to find that the big brands are particularly popular in the Double 11 pre-sale campaign. Apart from the factors of brand, products, once-a-year promotion, omni-channel marketing activities, we may find some common characteristics of the layout and content of the campaign page.

Livestreaming is playing an increasingly important role during this year’s Singles Day. According to data,  17,000 brands have engaged in livestreaming in the run-up to Singles Day, selling hundreds of millions of RMB of items in pre-sales. One session even sold 55 cars in the span of just six minutes.




This year, even Kim Kardashian collaborates with one of China’s most popular live streamers, Viya. Moreover, Alibaba is bringing livestreaming overseas as well. This year almost 300 influencers are livestreaming from other countries such as Indonesia or Malaysia. Lazada, for example, is livestreaming in Thailand and other SE Asia countries. Then, Aliexpress will bring this shopping event in new markets such as Russia and Spain.

“Our goal is to stimulate consumption demand and support lifestyle upgrade in China through new brands and products. We will enable merchants in China and around the world to grow their businesses through data-driven product innovation and consumer insights, as well as leverage our recommendation technology and content-driven user engagement to delight consumers in urban coastal cities and less-developed areas of China,” said Jian Fang, president of Taobao and Tmall.



Speaking in numbers,  almost 200,000 brands with 1,000,000 new products are ready to be sold to 500,000,000 customers. Created in 2009 by Alibaba founder Jack Ma, 11.11 became the most important shopping event in the world. Since the first hours, this 10th edition has seen the Chinese giant breaking every GMV record.  Double11 officially starts at midnight tonight – the world’s largest online shopping frenzy, and a great opportunity for foreign brands to take note of Chinese brands. Let’s see what’s going on!

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